About us

"Kozyura & Partners" - is a law company which operates in a form of a partnership, shares the
mission of vision and values.
Our mission is to solve in the most effective way the clients' problems with the help of the law.
Our vision is to exist as a multi-disciplinary law company and to become the leader in Volyn
At the heart of the corporate culture "Kozyura & Partners" lay the values that:
1) reveal the potential of our employees;
2) define our goals and approach to business;
3) help to work effectively together, what makes us a unique coordinated team.

Our values:
1. Leadership by example.
We always try to show our employees and our customers an example how to act. We are trying to reach the best level doing our job in legal services and rights' protection of every client.
2. Respect to every person, honor and trust.
We appreciate not only knowledge and experience but also the personality of every employee. We are building strong business relationships based on honesty, integrity and trust.
3. Work as one team.
Each of us consciously understands and shares the aims and objectives of the company and makes everything possible to solve them. The success and the responsibility is shared by every team member. Creating equal opportunities for everyone allows to share their knowledge and experience, develop the potential of each other and raise the level of the team as a whole.
4. High level of professionalism and an individual approach.
We recognize the uniqueness of each client and try to offer the best solution of complex legal issues.
Our complete understanding of legal realities in Ukraine, maintaining high professional standards and quality relationships and a thorough analysis of each case allows us to strengthen the reputation of reliable partners.
5. Development and implementation of talent.
We are interested in the fact that in our corporate environment, people can reach their full potential, improve their qualifications and could make their contribution to the development of ukrainian law.
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43025, Lutsk
st.Vunnuchenka, 4
Buratine center 2 floor
+38(050) 438-50-00,
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